Monday, February 15, 2010


Well, I certainly won't show you a picture of the following - you can use your imagination!
Yesterday, before work, I went in to take a look the Thomas quilt and noticed that there was a large spot on it. I thought, "Great - I spilled some soda pop on it". I turned it over, and saw that it wasn't soda - the cat had thrown up a hairball on it. Well GROSS!! I tried soaking it first but nothing except more wet. ;-/ So, I put it in the washer, hoping it would come out - and put it on gentle because I had not put the binding on it yet. I took it out and of course the binding had come all apart - I could have fixed that - but the spot did not come out. So, I will be quickly be putting another one together before Saturday when they arrive. It won't take too long but I also have to work today through Wednesday. Later, I will fix the first one and let him use it for the beach and outside when he comes to stay with us for awhile. I'm sure one day I will laugh about this but not quite yet!
So, do you really want a picture of that? LOL! See? Well! What do you know! I AM laughing already!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Aiden's new Thomas the Tank Engine Quilt

I've finished the top to my grandson's quilt. This is one quilt I have really enjoyed working on. One - because it brought back wonderful memories when my own son Michael enjoyed Thomas when he was Aiden's age. Two - because it was so easy to put together - which I'll explain below. Three - I have wonderful images of Aiden running around the house (his or mine) dragging this quilt behind him. I want this quilt to be loved! 8-)

Dh Mike is holding up the quilt. He's my official quilt hangar when it comes to pictures! I didn't notice until now but there's Patrick at the bottom on the right hand side getting in on the action. What a ham.

Here's a closeup of the top - I had fun working with these bright colors. I'm probably going to stitch in the ditch on this one because it's one of the strongest stitches I know to help it stay in one piece - for the reason above! 8-D

Now, one of the reasons I really enjoyed putting it together was because I had most of the strips already cut. You see, I have all these scraps in different forms and pieces and I did not want to throw them away. There must be a use for them, right?. Then, I discovered Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville page. She wrote on how to save your scraps and cut them up to make them useful. You know, like a "useful engine" - get it? Ok, stop groaning and move on! LOL! I had most of the colors cut into 2 1/2 strips already or at least 5" charm squares to be used. That was half the work already!

So, here is Bonnie's page. I can't say enough about her methods and I love her patterns - so go on over and take a look and you'll be hooked too!


Have a great day, everyone!