Sunday, May 24, 2009

First post - now how original is that? :-)

It all started with me trying to create a quilt for my father in law who is undergoing chemo treatments for prostate cancer. By the way - Guys - do yourselves and your loved ones a favor and get yourselves checked, ok? No matter how humiliating it can be! Hey if WE can endure getting body parts smashed, YOU can get checked too!
Anyway, some great material came out called Hole in One from Clothworks designed by Anne Ormsby. I saw that Fat Quarter World was carrying it and they had a great design for it. So,, I promptly ordered it, begged to use their shadow design, and, taking their design and adding my own, I start my journey.
Now, for those of you who quilt, what annoys you the most while waiting to get started? Washing, drying and ironing the material or wondering and worrying if you ordered enough? If you answered yes! (My husband is shaking his head here), I agree!
So, the picture above is my first step. I knew you'd like it.


  1. Hi Donna!!!! Welcome to the blogosphere.

  2. Yay Donna! I'm so glad you've joined the ranks of bloggers. I look forward to keeping up with your pursuits.

    And yes, I'm impatient...I don't like wait for the fabric to wash and dry...but I'm getting better. These days I try to enjoy the 'journey' and process of each step.