Sunday, June 21, 2009

I'd rather be golfing...

It's finally done - "I'd Rather Be Golfing". In the picture l - r, Gayle, who is married to Greg (Jack and Carol's middle son), Jack, and Carol.
I think he was really touched by it - and it was certainly unexpected.
Again, many thanks to the folks at Fat Quarter World for allowing me to use their "shadow golfer" which is the centerpiece of the quilt.

Just because he's so cute, here's a picture of my grandson Aiden. Nikki, my middle daughter, is holding him. Nikki shaved her head several weeks ago to support her Grandpa Jack as he underwent chemo.

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  1. Nice quilt! Nicer grandbaby...what wonderful eyes he has. And, yay, for Nikki supporting her granddad with a shaved head. Not everyone is bold enough for that... ;0)