Thursday, October 1, 2009

The worst is yet to come?????

Many have talked about what the "worst" part of making a quilt is. I'm not particularly fond of the sandwich part - you know, top, batting, and backing. It usually takes me all day to line that baby up. Just when I think I have it just right.....well, think again kiddo! LOL!
That's what I'm up against now. I've finished the top to my nephew Cody's quilt. And now it's time to put it together..
Dear Cody is such a patient young man - I've been working on this quilt for awhile. It's for his birthday, which was several days ago. I was using one the Turning Twenty books - had all my blocks pieced but when it came time to cutting them in half.....disaster struck. I had cut them all wrong. Yes, all 20. So, after the wailing, weeping and gnashing of teeth - gee that happens a lot to me doesn't it? :-) - I took them all apart, redid them, and put it back together. Hence, the picture above.
So, to paraphrase Marvel's The Thing, "It's Sandwiching Time!"

Oh, and if you've noticed that bucket of cats litter on the bottom right, you'll remember that I have two assistants. Yes, they continue to be a big help, laying on top of the quilt as I sew, checking it for comfort. Apparently it is comfortable as they have both fallen asleep on it. Yes, Cody, I will wash it before sending it to you! LOL!

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