Monday, August 16, 2010

Back to the mess....

UFOs, incomplete quilts, piles of blocks - call it what you will - it's a bit of a mess. It seems that I stop what I am doing when I need to start on something else and never get back to the previous work in progress. So, I have blocks lying around, fat quarters waiting to be cut, strings and crumbs sitting in small piles here and there.

Case in point - here's a picture of a multi-mess that I was trying to sort through...

And here's another pic of it...

So let's take this a bit at a time - sort of like eating an elephant - gross but it's the thought...

The top right is a container composed of Aunt Grace blocks - All that it's missing is white material that will be sewn to the smaller ones. I ran out and just haven't gotten anymore.
The middle of the mess consists of completed blocks (yes, completed) from a pattern from Bonnie Hunter ( I may call this quilt "Indecision" because I just can't figure out the way I want to place the completed squares. On the bottom right, you will see some Christmas blocks from the Aunt Grace collection. Again, partially finished - 3 blocks to go.

Top left - unfinished Civil War Quilt using pattern blocks by Bonnie Hunter
Middle left in the baggie - not started but partially cut material for place mats for my mom for Christmas. I still have time on this one! :-) Fortunately, mom, even though you can see the material, you have no idea what this looks like - my only saving grace on this one!
Bottom left - cut out strips for a kitty quilt. In a bag. Enough said.
Middle - incomplete pillowcase...uh-oh. That one REALLY needs to get done!
Right - more Christmas blocks from a BOM that I had to quit. Sigh.
There's more of those blocks - see the yellow pages in the pic above this one? That was my paper piecing paper - does that make sense?

So, I have a bit of work to do. I'll get to it tomorrow - (Thank you Annie).

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