Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I've been working on my Basket-Weave Strings (Bonnie Hunter - for a couple of months now, in between other projects like pillowcases, working, etc. This past weekend, I packed what was left of all my squares and, as we traveled to Vero to see Carol and Nikki, tore the paper off the back. I'm thinking, "Yea! This is it. I'll be able to get the paper off while traveling, then this week, place it on the floor for the best look, figure out what size and colors for hsts, and start putting it together."

And today that's what I did.....except.....lo and behold, I am 9 squares short. Wait! I can't be. I just can't be! I counted and recounted.....

I should have known this would happen - I burned my pizza for lunch.

So, here's the picture with the squares that are completed...

and here are the squares with the "patches" of phone book paper.

No more pizza until I get this done!


  1. Your comment cracked me up today ... we have to undress in the exam room, so why don't they weigh us then?! :)

    Beautiful quilt you're working on.

  2. You have made quilting sound funny enough to be on stage as a headline comedian :). Maybe those squares ran off? I ADORE what you have. My mom is an avid quilter so I can appreciate the time and energy that goes into making a quilt.