Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Well that was fast!

It's either feast or famine, right?

I finished the top of the Fun with Bricks quilt taken from Bonnie Hunter's free patterns at her Quiltville site...

I must admit this was such a fun quilt to put together. When I was putting the blocks together, different pieces brought back different memories...the red and blue with stars for Steph's US Navy Quilt, the blues for Carol's spread, some of the greens for Jack's golf quilt, the multi colored orange and brown for Nikki's shirt, Mike's Cleveland Cavalier pillowcases, our bedspread, the greens, creams, and flowers for my mom and dad's bedspread... the list goes on. I guess this is one reason why scrappy quilts are so loved - the cherished memories!

The first is a picture of the entire quilt. Mike, my long suffering husband, was the "quilt hanger". He's a bit over 6 foot tall and he was holding it fairly high so you can tell it's a long quilt. I wish I had taken a picture of my son Mike, laying down next to it so I could tell whether I needed another row or not. I would have asked Mike my dh to do that but it would have taken him a bit longer to get off the floor and I really wanted to get back to sewing! :-) Love ya honey!

This next is a close-up of the left hand corner - that's port side to you Naval types :-) You can even see the material I mentioned in one of the above paragraphs...

I have plenty of blocks left over that are going into another quilt so stay tuned.
Or maybe I'll work on that wall hanging...
or that purse...or Carol's place mats...
Ah! The possibilities! :-)


  1. Nice quilt. I'm going to check out quiltville.com again... I don't remember seeing that one. I like the added plain blocks. Hum, another quilt for my to do sometime list. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I like the colors in this quilt, maybe I will make one, too. After doing all the other projects I have on my long list.