Monday, February 15, 2010


Well, I certainly won't show you a picture of the following - you can use your imagination!
Yesterday, before work, I went in to take a look the Thomas quilt and noticed that there was a large spot on it. I thought, "Great - I spilled some soda pop on it". I turned it over, and saw that it wasn't soda - the cat had thrown up a hairball on it. Well GROSS!! I tried soaking it first but nothing except more wet. ;-/ So, I put it in the washer, hoping it would come out - and put it on gentle because I had not put the binding on it yet. I took it out and of course the binding had come all apart - I could have fixed that - but the spot did not come out. So, I will be quickly be putting another one together before Saturday when they arrive. It won't take too long but I also have to work today through Wednesday. Later, I will fix the first one and let him use it for the beach and outside when he comes to stay with us for awhile. I'm sure one day I will laugh about this but not quite yet!
So, do you really want a picture of that? LOL! See? Well! What do you know! I AM laughing already!


  1. could you applique a train over the bad spot? might save you some time and since it is clean anyway what's the harm? cw

  2. so sorry about Thomas. My son loved Thomas when he was little. it was just starting here. We still have tapes of the early show.